Centre for Entrepreneurship Development

    The Centre of Entrepreneurship Development (CED) has set up as a visionary goal to promote the active involvement of people in the learning process, through the learning by doing approach. It will promote the internalization of human, social and economic values at the base of the cooperative entrepreneurship model and its impact on the community. CED provides a seamless service for promoting entrepreneurship movement with belief that entrepreneurs need not necessarily be born, but they can be trained and developed through well-conceived and well directed intervention.

    CED is associated with State Level Entrepreneurship Development Organizations, NGOs Voluntary Organizations, Educational Institutions, Financial Institutions and Business Associations.

    CED acts as a liaison between Government and Entrepreneurs by providing necessary information and consultancy services.

    CED conducts (Entrepreneurship Development Programme) EDP, (Rural Entrepreneurship Development Programme) REDP, (Training for trainee) TOT, Agri Clinic and Agri Business Development programmes. CED provides follow up services after the training programmes.


    1. To stimulate and augment the entrepreneurial spirits and skills among stakeolders revolving the cooperative ecosystem to create new small and medium enterprises.
    2. To enhance entrepreneurial values among stakeholders and facilitate their choosing Entrepreneurship as a preferred career.
    3. To facilitate introduction of entrepreneurship courses in academic system.
    4. To promote the development of competent entrepreneurship in strategic industries through research studies and consultancy services.
    5. To Network with national and international bodies, NGOs and Government organizations for developing & promoting entrepreneurship, facilitating technology transfer, product development, partnering and market accessibility to make resilient cooperative ecosystem.
    6. To be a centre of learning for trainers – motivators on entrepreneurship development.
    7. To impart training to cooperative stakeholders on Capacity building \ enhancement of entrepreneurship development to Organizations and NGOs.
    8. To Create a conducive business environment for cooperatives for emergence, sustenance and growth of the enterprises in general and Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises(MSMEs) in particular.
    9. To Support through active research and consultancy the prospective and existing Businesses, enabling them strategic planning and managing growth in cooperatives.
    10. To provide support and facilitation services to prospective and existing cooperatives enhancing entrepreneurs in business related activities.
    11. To become a resource centre to offer capacity building initiatives in developing countries and neighbouring countries in the area of Entrepreneurship Development, Women empowerment and micro finance development and small business management in cooperative ecosystem.
    12. To build capacities of country level agencies for institutionalization of Entrepreneurship in agriculture and cooperatives.
    13. To integrate/Converge and internalize various approaches in Entrepreneurship Development in different regions to facilitate a visible impact on Cooperatives and its stakeholders.