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    It is well known that the Cooperative Movement envisaged to provide answers to the problems of rural credit in India, owes its origin to the sponsorship of Government. Beginning with Sir Fredrick Nicholson's Report in 1885 on the issue of training to the Cooperative leadership entrusted with the duty of building up the Cooperative Movement, has always been emphasized. But, it was not until 1945 that the Saraiya Committee on Cooperative Planning recommended the establishment of a Cooperative Training College at the State level and Central level. The Cooperative Training College was established in 1947 when late Shri Vaikunth Mehta was the Minister for Finance, Cooperation and Village Industries with a view to bringing concepts of management training to the service of the Cooperatives. The Ministry of Community Development and Cooperation established the Central Institute of Management for Consumer's Business (CIMCOB) at Bombay in 1964. In the year 1964, a high level working group appointed by the Government of India under the Chairmanship of the late Prof. D.R.Gadgil to assess the training needs of the co-operative sector, recommended the setting up of a National Institute which would undertake the training of senior personnel in the co-operative institutions/departments, conduct fundamental/applied research and provide consultancy services, organize courses in business management for senior personnel in cooperative business organizations and train the youth on various facets of Management. CIMCOB was merged with the National Cooperative College and Research Institute (NCCRI) to form the present National Institute. As a tribute to the doyen of the Cooperative Movement late Shri Vaikunth Mehta, the National Institute was named after him, as Vaikunth Mehta National Institute of Cooperative Management (VAMNICOM) in April 1967. The Government of India provides grants-in-aid to National Council for Cooperative Training (NCCT), New Delhi to meet the establishment and other costs of VAMNICOM. The Vaikunth Mehta National Institute of Cooperative Management has been contributing over the years to the Cooperative Movement through its activities viz. Management Training, Management Education, Research & Publication, Consultancy, and other related activities.